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14 questions to ask along your downsizing journey

Date Posted: August 19, 2021

Before making the move to a Downsizing Community, it’s important that you have a thorough understanding of how they work, and what each community offers. 

Most Downsizing Communities work on the land lease model where you buy your own home and lease the land on which it sits via a weekly fee.

Because each community can operate differently, and offer different inclusions, here’s a list of questions you may like to keep handy when you’re exploring your options:

  1. Is there a weekly site fee and what does it cover?
  2. How does buying a home in the community work?
  3. Can you access government concessions like rental assistance? 
  4. Are there any costs payable when living in the community? 
  5. What facilities accompany home ownership?
  6. Are there any exit fees payable if you decide to move out of the community?
  7. Are pets allowed? 
  8. What measures are in place to protect your security of tenure? 
  9. What legislative protection is available? 
  10. What homes are available and what is included in these homes?
  11. Are there any rules in the community?
  12. Can my family and friends stay over?
  13. Can my guests use the community facilities?
  14. Does the community offer landscaping for front gardens?

If you’re considering moving to a smaller home or apartment, discover some key questions here.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash