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37 BIG benefits of downsizing your home

Date Posted: November 3, 2022

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There are pros and cons to every decision in life, and choosing to downsize your home is no different.

At Discover Downsizing, we’re big believers that downsizing your home allows you to reap a myriad of benefits – financial, lifestyle, health and more.

Here’s a list of the big benefits you can expect to experience when you take the leap and downsize.

  1. Unlock equity by selling your current home.
  2. Reduce household bills by living in a smaller home that requires less energy.
  3. Spend less time on home repairs and maintenance.
  4. Move to the location of your dreams – whether that’s close to the beach, the bush or your loved ones.
  5. Live a bigger and better lifestyle with more time, money and freedom on your hands.                                                                                       
  6. Spend more money on the things that bring you joy (like that caravan you’ve always wanted to buy!)
  7. Free up money and keep earning it by downsizing before you retire.
  8. Stress less about finances and home maintenance.
  9. Clean your home in half the time.
  10. Live in a brand new (or newer) home that is fresh and modern.
  11. Enjoy state-of-the-art appliances.
  12. Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your energy usage.
  13. Enjoy financial freedom with more money in your back pocket.
  14. Stay independent for longer by living in a home that’s accessible and functional.
  15. No more stairs!
  16. Personalise your new home by selecting interior colours and finishes.
  17. Feel organised and free with less clutter.
  18. Embrace a new beginning or a fresh start.
  19. Access downsizing-related government incentives.

If you think these benefits are impressive, there are even more when you downsize to a Land Lease Community.

Benefits of downsizing to a Land Lease Community

  1. Feel safe and secure in a gated community with onsite and live-in Community Managers.
  2. Live in a tight-knit community surrounded by friendly neighbours.
  3. Access luxury facilities just metres from your home.
  4. Live in a sought-after location.
  5. Feel a renewed sense of belonging by living in a community of likeminded people.
  6. Start a new group hobby or activity.
  7. Never feel lonely, with neighbours always close by.
  8. Stay fit and active with fitness facilities close to home.
  9. Enjoy enhanced privacy with a stand-alone home and private garden – no sharing walls!
  10. No gardening (unless you choose to).
  11. Lock up and leave with total peace of mind.
  12. Travel for longer, without coming home to an unruly garden.
  13. Bring your pet.
  14. Live like you’re on holiday, every day.
  15. Design your dream lifestyle with the freedom and opportunity to be as active, social or relaxed as you want.
  16. Wake up to manicured community gardens every day.
  17. Pay no stamp duty or council rates.
  18. Experience capital growth, with some of our members’ homes seeing an average capital growth of 10-12% per year!

We understand that the decision to downsize is a big one, and having lots of information at your fingertips can allow you feel more confident as you assess your options.

To help you feel informed on all things downsizing, we have an extensive library of blogs that we’d love you to explore.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash