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5 things you’ll love when you move to a Downsizing Community

Date Posted: February 1, 2022

Always a Good Time to Downsize

February, the month of love, is upon us! And what better way to spread the love than sharing all the things we think you’ll fall head over heels for, when you downsize to a Land Lease Community.

  1. Fall in love with luxury facilities at your fingertips

There’s a lot to love about having access to luxury amenities and facilities on your doorstep.

Downsizing Communities feature a whole range of resort-style amenities that not only make you feel like you’re on holiday every day, but help you stay fit and healthy with ease. From indoor pools, to gyms, tennis courts, bowls, walking trails and more, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to opportunities to get active.

  • Fall in love with financial freedom

If you’re looking to embrace new freedoms in your bank account and on the road, then you’ll love the many financial benefits that downsizing to a Land Lease Community offers:

  1. You’ll free up the equity that’s sitting in your current home
  2. You’ll enjoy the reduced living costs that come with living in a smaller, modern and more efficient home
  3. You’ll save on repairs and maintenance in your new, low-maintenance home
  4. You won’t need to pay stamp duty or council rates
  • Fall in love with more freedom to live life to the fullest

Downsizing to a smaller, low-maintenance home means less time fixing and cleaning up, and more time doing the things you love – like travelling or spending time with the grandkids!

Downsizing also encourages you to declutter, reassess the things you need and take with you only the things that bring you joy. With less time spent on cleaning and maintaining your home and garden, you’ll have much more time and freedom to live life to fullest.

  • Fall in love with your low-maintenance home

Falling in love with the homes within Downsizing Communities is easy! Land Lease Communities feature brand new homes (and some pre-loved ones too), that require very little maintenance and upkeep. Most homes come with ready-to-move in inclusions like luxury kitchen appliances, heating and cooling, floor coverings, window furnishings, landscaping and more.

With a beautiful, low-maintenance home that features modern appliances, landscaped gardens and luxury facilities on your doorstep, you’ll surely be the envy of your social circle!

  • Fall in love with friendly neighbours

Lifestyle Villages foster a strong sense of community and belonging. Because homeowners are like-minded and share similar values, neighbours often become cherished friends. At some Downsizing Communities, there are also community managers who live onsite and are always there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear.

It’s safe to say that if you love the idea of belonging to close-knit, supportive neighbourhood, you’ll love living in a Downsizing Community. What will you love most when you make the move to a Downsizing Community?