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5 ways to enhance your wellness when you downsize

Date Posted: March 9, 2021

As we age, it becomes more and more important to look after our overall health and wellbeing and to make decisions that help to enhance all aspects of our wellness – from physical, to mental, emotional and social.

Here are 5 ways that discovering downsizing can help improve your wellbeing:

1. Tick things off your bucket list

Nothing quite beats the joyful anticipation of a new adventure. In fact, did you know that there are a host of wellbeing benefits associated with creating a bucket list? From the creativity of writing your ideas down, to the endorphins released when thinking about your planned adventures to the positive social interactions experienced when you share your plans with friends.

Making the move to a downsizing community helps you to free up time and money to dedicate towards planning and ticking off all the adventures on your bucket list, which in turn, helps enhance many aspects of your overall wellness.

2. More reasons to relax

Downsizing to a land-lease community can help to eliminate or minimise everyday life stressors, such as safety and security, home maintenance and finances.

Land lease communities typically feature gated entries, live-in managers and community-minded homeowners who will keep an eye on things when you’re away, offering you greater peace of mind, and eliminating the need to cut your holidays short for fear of your home’s safety and security.

Downsizing to a smaller, low-maintenance home also means less time fixing and cleaning up, and more time doing the things you love – like travelling! You’ll not only experience lower living costs, but you’ll eliminate the time and stress that comes with tending to a larger home and garden, helping you feel more relaxed.

Plus, equity free-up, reduced living costs, fewer home repairs and maintenance, no council rates and no stamp duty are just some of the ways your bank account will benefit when you call a downsizing community home, meaning you can put your financial worries behind you.

Eliminating these common stressors means you’ll have more reasons to relax when you downsize to a land-lease community, thereby improving your wellbeing.

3.Get active at your own pace

Land lease communities feature a range of luxury health and sporting facilities, making keeping active easy for homeowners. Many downsizing communities offer the following, right on your doorstep:

  • Indoor pool and spa
  • Gymnasium
  • Wellness centre
  • Sauna
  • Tennis court
  • Bocce or croquet lawn

Some communities make it extremely easy to enhance your overall wellbeing by having a dedicated wellness team that delivers programs and activities designed to support health and fitness for over 50s.

Whether you’re looking to tone up, reach a certain step count or just have some fun while getting active, there’s something for all wellness goals at a downsizing community.

Read our blog Downsize to better health and fitness to discover all the ways downsizing to a land lease community can help you improve your physical health and fitness.

4.Community connectedness

Feeling socially connected plays a big part in your overall wellness. Luckily, when you call a downsizing community home, you’ll become part of a supportive and well-connected community.

Because downsizing communities attract like-minded people who respect their neighbourhood and the people in it, the sense of community and connection is palpable. So, whether you want to share travel stories, have a laugh or enjoy a coffee, moving to a downsizing community means there’ll always be someone there to share in the moments with you.

5.Enjoy the company of your fur-baby

From reduced stress levels, to higher self-esteem and levels of emotional wellbeing, to increased physical activity, there are a huge range of health and wellness benefits associated with owning a pet.

Most communities not only recognise these wellbeing enhancers, but also understand that pets are a part of the family. So, when you make the move to a downsizing community, your fur-baby can too.

If improving your wellbeing is something you’re serious about during retirement, downsizing to a land lease community could be the right move for you. To learn more about downsizing, read our FAQs.