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From vacation to staycation

Date Posted: November 16, 2020

Your favourite camping spot might be your home away from home, but what if you could bring the holiday to your home and enjoy the resort lifestyle 365 days a year? Downsizing can help you do just that!

This year, the COVID pandemic really highlighted the importance of loving the location you live in and forced everyone to embrace the idea of staycation over vacation.

For the times when holidaying isn’t possible (or simply for the periods between your future holidays) here’s how a downsizing community can provide the ultimate staycation:

Luxury resort-style amenities

Land lease communities feature all the amenities and facilities you’d expect to find at a 5-star resort. From indoor pools, saunas and movie theatres, to outdoor tennis courts and BBQ areas, you can enjoy all your favourite holiday activities from the comfort of your home.

Many downsizing communities offer the following amenities:

  • Homeowners clubhouse
  • Indoor pool and spa
  • Gymnasium
  • Wellness centre
  • Sauna
  • Cinema
  • Tennis court
  • Bocce or croque lawn
  • Workshop
  • Bowling green
  • Craft and art studio
  • Function spaces

Picturesque locations

When you hit the road for a new camping adventure, do you prefer to holiday tree-side or seaside? Whatever your preference, you’ll find a downsizing community that’s situated in your ideal spot. The only difference? You won’t need to check out!

Discover the beautiful locations of our affiliated communities here.

Holiday lifestyle

Nothing quite matches the feeling of relaxation that rolls over you once you’ve parked or set-up camp in your favourite holiday spot. Well, you could enjoy that feeling every day when you downsize to a land lease community – all without the hassle of pitching a tent or setting up your trailer or camper van!

If you have a think about what your daily routine looks like on holidays, you’ll find that your daily routine in your downsized home can look very similar; a morning swim in the pool, an afternoon walk along a scenic trail and an evening BBQ surrounded by your neighbours.

Plus, no more wearing flip flops in the shower! You’ll enjoy all the luxuries and comforts of home combined with that holiday feeling. It really is the home that feels like a holiday!

Less work, more play

Your retirement years are supposed to be spent enjoying less work and more play, and downsizing communities really do help you live your life to the fullest.

From community sporting events and BBQs, to movie nights, games nights, exercise classes, excursions, happy hour and more, there’s so much fun to get involved in – if you choose to.

The beauty of living in a downsizing community is that there’s a whole range of fun-tastic activities available and you get to choose how much or how little you’d like to take part in.

The best of both worlds

Perhaps the only things you’ll miss when you hit the road for an adventure are the homely comforts (like your own shower and bathroom) and the company of your close family and friends. Living in a downsizing community allows you to enjoy the very best of both worlds: a relaxing, fun, holiday lifestyle and the comforts and company of home.

So whether you’re telling stories from your recent vacation, or enjoying activities during your staycation, one thing’s for certain – your family, friends and neighbours will be close by to share in the moments with you.

To learn more about downsizing to a land lease community, check out our FAQs.