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Holiday for your health

Date Posted: July 21, 2021

We’re confident you won’t need much convincing to take a holiday – after all, who doesn’t love a relaxing getaway?!

But did you know taking regular holidays presents a whole host of health and lifestyle benefits? When you make the move to a Downsizing Community, you open up a range of opportunities to go on more holidays for longer, and you can enhance your wellbeing as you do it!

Keep reading to discover how holidaying regularly can create a happier, healthier you!

The pre-holiday hype
The joyful anticipation of a new adventure is a great feeling. In fact, there are a range of wellbeing benefits associated with creating a bucket list. From the creativity of writing your ideas down, to the endorphins released when thinking about your planned adventures to the positive social interactions experienced when you share your plans with friends.

Making the move to a Downsizing Community helps you to free up time and money to dedicate towards planning and ticking off all the adventures on your bucket list, which in turn, helps enhance many aspects of your overall wellness.

Stress less, laugh more
Nothing compares to the feeling of relaxation and excitement that washes over you when you embark on a holiday. Eliminating everyday stressors by taking regular breaks can do wonders for your mental health and help reduce the onset of anxiety and depression.

When you make the move to a Downsizing Community, you create opportunities to holiday more and stress less.

Get active and sleep well
While on holidays, you often inadvertently take part in more physical activity. From sightseeing on foot, to swimming in the pool or ocean, it’s likely that you move more while on holidays than in your usual daily routines. As a result, you’re also more likely to enjoy better quality sleep and wake up feeling energised. All in all, many people experience enhanced overall wellbeing after taking a restful break.

By helping you free up finances and time, downsizing to Land Lease Community can help you embark on new and longer adventures, which can help enhance your mental and physical wellbeing.

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