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Location, location, location

Date Posted: November 17, 2021

Location sensation

Picking the perfect camp site is essential for a memorable holiday, as is picking the location for your new home and Land Lease Community. There are so many options and opportunities – all with their own benefits! Would you prefer a seaside oasis? Or a tree-side escape?

Just as there are a vast array of unforgettable camping spots around the nation, so too there are a wide range of perfectly placed Downsizing Communities, that make for beautiful living experiences.

Many Land Lease Communities are located in convenient and picturesque locations, with effortless access to local shops, facilities, attractions and transport.

Here are some of the lifestyle-enhancing locations you could enjoy when you make your move:

Greater convenience within growth corridors

You’ll find many Downsizing Communities positioned within growth corridors. Growth corridors are highly desirable places to buy and live for a range of reasons. They’re shaped and supported by a collection of plans and strategies that focus on delivering key infrastructure, housing, jobs, transport, town centres and open space. Buying within a growth corridor means you’ll live in a well-planned neighbourhood that features new and high-quality amenities, a considered design and like-minded people.

If you’re looking for a lifestyle of convenience, connectivity and comfort, then making the move to a Downsizing Community within a growth corridor is for you!

Discover your own coastal oasis

Smell the fresh ocean breeze, feel the sand under your toes and taste the salt in the air! Land Lease Communities positioned within coastal locations are incredibly popular – and it’s easy to see the appeal. Many people dream of making a sea change but are unable to afford it – and that’s where bayside Downsizing Communities come in. They offer an affordable way to live up the relaxed, coastal lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Enjoy a better quali-tree of life

If you’re ready to live life surrounded by fresh air, natural landscapes and peaceful streets, then a tree-side community could be perfect for you. Promising tranquillity, stunning scenery and that welcoming feel that all country towns seem to radiate, countryside communities present a wonderful opportunity to unlock the tree-change you’ve always dreamt of.

Live close to family and friends

If you’re feeling ready to downsize, but don’t want to move far from friends and family, we’re confident there’s a Land Lease Community near you. With resort-style living becoming more and more popular for over 50s, new communities are popping up left, right and centre! You can explore our affiliated Downsizing Community locations here.

Never switch off your holiday mode

The location of your home and your community can have a big impact on your state of mind. Because many Downsizing Communities are positioned within connected, relaxed and picturesque settings, residents can enjoy an everlasting holiday mindset, leaving them feeling more carefree and stress-free than ever!

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