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What life in lockdown looks like at a Downsizing Community

Date Posted: September 2, 2021

Two happy people in a downsizing community

With sudden and intermittent lockdowns becoming the norm for many people around Australia, it’s never been more important to love your neighbourhood and your home. When lockdown restrictions are in place, it becomes easy to feel isolated and lonely – especially if you live far from friends and loved ones.

Living in a Downsizing Community places you within a safe, secure environment of like-minded people and unlocks a range of lifestyle-enhancing opportunities. Plus, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of living in a modern, low-maintenance home.

Here are some of the ways life in lockdown is better at a Land Lease Community:

A close-knit community

Even during lockdown, you won’t feel isolated when you call a Downsizing Community home. One of the biggest reasons our homeowners fall in love with their downsized lifestyle is the supportive and well-connected community they become a part of. Your neighbours will always be close by to have a good chat.

Just like the friendly community environment you experience when you go camping, lifestyle villages nurture a supportive and vibrant community. Because homeowners are like-minded and share similar values, neighbours often become cherished friends. At some Downsizing Communities, there are also community managers who live onsite and are always there to lend a helping hand or a listening ear.

So, whether you want to share stories over the back fence, or enjoy socially-distanced coffee on your front porch, moving to a downsizing community means there’ll always be someone there to share in the moments with you.

Stroll for the mind, body and sole!

Many Downsizing Communities feature stunning streetscapes and lush landscapes, so your daily dose of outdoor activity will feel extra nourishing. Whether you choose to walk solo, with your furry companion or with a friendly neighbour (social-distancing style), your step count will be complemented by beautiful views.

Happy hour

Even during COVID lockdowns, happy hour can still endure! On clear afternoons, you can enjoy a socially-distanced vino with your neighbours as you sit on your front porch, or out in the street.

Pet-friendly environment

Pets really are members of the family and living with a pet can help combat feelings of loneliness and isolation. That’s why many Downsizing Communities are pet friendly, so you can bring your fur-baby along with you!  This opens the opportunity of connecting with other pet owners in your community and enjoying group dog walks or doggy play dates at the park. To learn more about downsizing to a land lease community, check out our FAQs.

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash