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Why your camping adventure and downsizing adventure are more alike than you think!

Date Posted: October 16, 2020

Anyone well versed in caravan adventures knows that there’s a list of to-dos to tick-off before hitting the road. Picking the perfect campsite, researching the local attractions, establishing the on-site amenities and ensuring your van is safe and secure are all crucial pre-departure considerations.

Well, the journey to downsizing requires a very similar approach! Here are some of the ways planning for your caravanning trip and planning for your new-home adventure are similar:

Location, location, location

Picking the perfect camp site is essential for a memorable holiday, as is picking the location for your new home and land lease community. There are so many options and opportunities – all with their own benefits! Would you prefer a seaside oasis? Or a tree-side escape?

Just as there are a vast array of unforgettable camping spots around the nation, so too there are a wide range of perfectly placed downsizing communities, that make for beautiful living experiences.

Many land lease communities are located in convenient and picturesque locations, with effortless access to local shops, facilities, attractions and transport.

You can explore our affiliated downsizing community locations here.

Researching the on-site amenities

Does your perfect camp site have a communal BBQ, kitchen or dining space? Clean and well-maintained bathrooms? Some of your favourite holiday locations may also have outdoor cinema spaces, a swimming pool and guided tours and experiences on offer.

What about your ideal neighbourhood? Many land lease communities feature a generous selection of luxury amenities that can be enjoyed 365 days of the year – not just when you’re on holiday! In fact, many of our affiliate communities have the following amenities on your doorstep:

  • Homeowners clubhouse
  • Indoor pool and spa
  • Gymnasium
  • Wellness centre
  • Sauna
  • Cinema
  • Tennis court
  • Bocce or croque lawn
  • Workshop
  • Bowling green
  • Craft and art studio
  • Function space
  • Some communities even have fishing boats!

Understanding the maintenance required

Owning a caravan involves maintaining and servicing it too, to ensure it will last for all your on-road adventures. Between regular services, you’ll likely also undergo a range of checks yourself, including making sure the tyres are inflated, the handbrake and jockey wheel operate smoothly, the lights on both your vehicle and caravan are operational, and of course, maintaining and cleaning inside the caravan’s living spaces.

Before making the decision to downsize, it’s also important that you understand what maintenance (if any) will be required in your new home. And here comes the good news – downsizing communities feature homes that require very little to no maintenance, saving you a whole lot of time and potential stress! Because land lease communities feature brand new homes (and some pre-loved ones too), they require very little maintenance and upkeep. Most homes come with ready-to-move in inclusions like luxury kitchen appliances, heating and cooling, floor coverings, window furnishings, landscaping and more. This means you’ll have so much more time to spend doing the things you love – like jumping in your caravan for your next road trip!

For more information on how you can prepare for your downsizing adventure, click here.